Awareness amongst corporates…

We visited a corporate firm, Omron on the 21st of October, 2011. The company is a health care solutions organization. We wanted to create awareness about special children in such multinational organizations and create a mark in it.

We talked to an audience of about 30-40 inquisitive people. We spoke to them in general about special children and their needs. Apart from talking in general, we spoke to everyone about Autism Spectrum Disorder in specific and what it entails and how it affects a child and his/her family.

How does Khushi help these children was another important component of our talk and thus creating awareness about what kind of help these children need.

We hope to continue creating and spreading this awareness amongst many corporate organizations, and showcase to them what do we as an organization do.

Thank you Team Omron for your time …..

Aditi Kothari

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