Training in Khushi

We had a Training Session for all therapists in the week after Diwali. The whole week was used to understand, improve and refresh ourselves of what our goals are and how to go about achieving the goal of helping all the children who come to Khushi.

All therapists made presentations on topics that are of importance to children coming to Khushi. They spoke about the topic and then had a discussion on the myths associated with certain topics. As a part of reward, like our kids, the therapists were also rewarded for the best presentation.

On the second day of presentations, parents were also called, as we felt that if parents also got the training we got and if we work together as a team, therapists and parents, we would understand these topics in a more in-depth and different manner. The therapists would get to know what are the concerns of parents and what do they understand about topics and what they don’t, and the parents would get an idea more in detail on why the therapists are working on particular topic and what is the logic and reasoning behind the same.

The training sessions were held to enrich everyone and remind everyone of what is the goal of Khushi – Improve the quality of life of the child and help the children to achieve upto his potential.

We will keep having such training sessions in the future for both therapists and parents to keep our knowledge base up to date.

We will post the notes on our blogs soon…….

Aditi Kothari

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