Brain body connection

There is a rise of developmental disabilities in children. Various factors play a role in the causation. There is a lot of stress in the mothers during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies are exposed to a lot of radiations –coming from mobiles, wireless internet, cordless phones, radiations from the oven and so many more. Mothers nowadays work and thus after three months, most kids are left with the baby sitters. All kids are not breast fed for a complete period of six months. Babies are kept in baby equipment rather than given tummy time to develop their immature brain. Our lifestyles have changed but the way a brain development happens for a baby still remains the same. Babies still need the same amount of movement experience, social and language stimulation to stimulate their developing brain, more so in the first year of their life.

Kids want to move, explore and learn from the environment. But if this kind of stimulation is not given to the baby then the brain remains immature and causes problems like restlessness, impulsivity, difficulty with writing and reading, state of anxiety, difficulty copying from board, hyperactivity and so on. The solution to all the symptoms that a child exhibits because of immature brain doesn’t need a diagnosis alone but treatment in terms of ways to stimulate the brain. The neuroplasticity of the brain helps us in a lot of ways since the brain is capable of learning at any age and can develop connections at any time and work the way it should.

Many of us have a lot of issues which we felt bothered us to a great extent-it could be difficulty with multi-tasking, issues with touch, sound sensitivities, some difficulties with tolerating fast swinging, motion sickness and so on and so forth. Brain body connection exercises helps all of these and helps everyone –which includes kids with a particular diagnosis, kids with no diagnosis, teenagers and adults .So the good news is that the brain can be stimulated at any age and connections can develop!!!!!

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