November Bulletin 2012

Connecting the beads to form a beautiful chain called ‘child’.
As parents, we tend to see development in parts and miss seeing the child as a whole. A child who is focused only on himself is not ready to read or write but once he is aware of the surroundings and learns to pay attention, each part gets connected and helps the child to read or write spontaneously. Each and every child is meant to grow and we are experiencing the joys of this journey with so many parents and our little ones.

Our kids are benefiting from the Brain body connections program that helps stimulate the lower areas of the brain and develop them. As a result, the child does not compensate for the skills but learns them spontaneously as skills develop when whole brain organization happens.

Here’s our bag of beads for this month

Thanks to Johnson and Johnson’s generous sponsorship, our kids are beaming ear to ear with two spanking new computers and one I-pad. With one computer already at the centre, our kids no longer have to wait impatiently for their turn. In store for them are exciting learning tools that open up worlds of possibilities: Typer shark that helps kids learn to type better on the computer, educational CDs which develop concepts related to academic readiness, Proloquo2go; a new application on iPad that helps kids to communicate, many applications related to developing social skills such as Social thinking express, Between the lines, Lets name things, How would you feel if, Feelings and many more.

We, at Khushi have registered for the brain highways course on screening which is of three months duration and helps us to understand about whether someone has retained primitive reflexes, poor sensory processing, and incomplete lower brain development.

Our kids enjoyed a riotous Diwali party on November 11th with parents, teachers and participated in rangoli, diya painting and snack making contests. Our visit to the Gurudwara on November28, was enjoyable and a learning experience.

High Fives from Khushi Parents (Names have been changed to protect the identity of children)
“My Rohit’s jumping and need for chaotic physical activity has reduced. Most importantly, he is looking settled and happy.”

“Sridhar is reading now and identified the panipuri packet in the freezer by reading it. He is participating in our story sessions now by pointing out relevant pictures.”
“Sia actually wants to go down to play alone and is able to initiate a conversation with friends. I am so happy.

Glimpses into December

Super motivated Sayuri is running the full marathon (42kms) for Khushi supporting the cause of Autism. Read more about her and add her on at
On the third of December, we are getting trained by two therapists who are renowned in their own streams of work; Kimberly Barthel and Manoj Pathnapuram. Kim is a pediatric Occupational therapist with a vast experience in working with children since 1984.She is an NDTA-OT instructor, an author, consultant and owner of Labyrinth. Manoj leads a team of practitioner trainers at Rainbow centre training and consultancy. He holds a Masters degree in speech therapy and is a Hanen certified trainer. We have also registered for a webinar that will take place from3rd December to 7th December. It will include therapists specialising in RDI, VBA, speech and occupational therapy and will focus on emerging and proven methods of helping children with autism.

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