January Bulletin

Connecting the beads to form a beautiful chain called ‘child’

At Khushi today, we stand in unison to thank our sponsor, Johnson and Johnson from the bottom of our hearts for enabling the launch of new learning programs that aim to improve our children multi-dimensionally. Read more about it below.

Here’s our bag of beads for this month

• Therapeutic listening or rather listening with the Whole Body aims to emphasize integration of the auditory and vestibular systems together. The child is encouraged to listen to specially selected music for 30 minutes, twice a day while engaging in a motor activity. The use of sound and music is so intimately connected to movement that children on listening programs are often compelled to move and explore the environment in new ways.
• Astronaut training involves working with vestibular, visual and the auditory systems together to bring major gains in the child.
• These programs are implemented after a detailed and joint evaluation of the child with the parent’s involvement. The Sensory Integration program at Khushi is therefore a more powerful and enriched program today that also monitors the effect on the child in a systematic manner. The protocol for these programmes will be administered in keeping with international guidelines.
• Squeeze machine is helping a lot of our kids and adults to overcome their tactile issues.

Khushi had the proud privilege of being represented in the Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon on 20th January 2013. Sayuri, ran the marathon, displaying exemplary discipline and commitment to the cause of our children. We salute you, Sayuri!

High Fives from Khushi Parents (Names have been changed to protect the identity of children)
“Partho was never aware of tastes. Now, he has started developing taste. On the basis of taste, he is now started liking/disliking foods. He now knows the taste of chocolate and has started eating them. “

“Pooja was never aware of what was going on in the class and we had to sit after class at home to finish the tasks. Her grades were 3/10, 2/10 and she and we were very upset and frustrated being in that situation. Now Pooja has started getting 7/10 and 8/10 in the internal assessments including Hindi which is very difficult for her. Her class work is now at least 75-80% complete. We are happy!”

Glimpses into February
Khushi will get trained further in the Brain Body connections program through an intensive workshop. Brain body connections are a set of exercises that help in the integration of reflexes using developmental movement patterns. This in turn leads to spontaneous development of skills that empower the child to do more and communicate more, thereby reducing frustration levels in the child.

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