Khushi Completes 13 years….

Spreading Khushi – Let the smile reach your eyes-

We are very proud, grateful and pleased to inform that we are celebrating our 13th Anniversary. The journey of 13 years wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all who have contributed in giving Khushi to our special kids, we are thankful for your undying support and love.

We are extremely grateful to all the parents, professionals as well as donors who have extended their helping hand toward Khushi, advancing it to where it is today. We also thank the corporates – Johnson & Johnson India, Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific, The Consular Corps of Mumbai, Valuable Group of Companies, and Mumbai Marathon, various charitable trusts and all our individual sponsors and the young volunteers from various colleges who have helped us better our system.

Last but not the least, we are ever so grateful to our kids, who in their own little ways have taught us to be patient, determined, and optimistic as well as to never give up.

At Khushi, we concentrate on increasing learning abilities in children diagnosed with developmental disabilities mainly Autism. Hailing from humble beginnings in 2000, the organization started off with a single offering – Individual Therapy. Later, as visible improvement was observed in the enrolled children, we upgraded to Therapy Sessions, further graduating to Intensive Therapy (Gems) Sessions. The centre was then called “Khushi – For Your Child”, our main objective being – bringing Khushi in the lives of our kids.

After having witnessed considerable success through our therapies, we got officially registered as an NGO on March 26, 2010 and were renamed as “Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre”.

We started offering Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Behavior therapy, Special Education; Art based therapy, Pre-Vocational & Vocational Training, Counseling for Parents, Conducting Psychometric Tests like CARS & IQ and giving music lessons.

Generous grants from various corporates have enabled us to provide kids with iPad and Computer Training.

In line with our plans to make Khushi a ‘state-of-the-art’ centre, we have installed CCTV cameras in all rooms as well as air-conditioning in some rooms that ensures a comfortable environment for kids.

We are proud to say that Khushi is an institute that keeps with the emerging times. Each program for kids gets updated on a monthly basis and, in most cases, is tailor made to suit the needs of each child. For instance, a few of our children who are good at reading and writing have been registered to appear for NIOS whereas others are into pre-vocational training.

Khushi does not dishearten those who find it difficult to afford a therapy. It refers parents to its in-house counselors who, in turn, try to work out a sponsorship. The credit to this goes to all our well-wishers who have donated generously and helped our children reach where they are today.

Khushi has a team of well-trained professionals and volunteers who are passionate about their work and treat the children with utmost care and love. We get our knowledge enhanced on a regular basis from our mentors and conduct qualitative training for our staff on subjects such as: Behavior Therapy, Social Thinking for Social Skills, Visualizing & Verbalizing Approach for Learning, Therapeutic Listening to Enhance Sensory Integration, Astronaut Training to Strengthen the Visual-Vestibular & Auditory Triad and using Primitive Reflexes to understand sensory processing disorder and importance of development of core group of muscles for development.

Our first center (branch) was opened on March 1, 2013 in Borivli, and we soon plan to start one in Thane, as well, by October 2013. Khushi has an expert team of board members who guides the institute on all matters related to administration.
We are very very thankful to all of you because you have taken us where we are today!
Thank you!!!!!

Reena Singh

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