Group EFT tapping ….


Another lovely group EFT session..

I see EFT as an emotional surgery and something that is so very simple yet powerful to go deep into the layers of the self and to pull out the memories/thought patterns by the guidance of the sub-conscious mind.

What made me go in awe again was the rich wisdom that is dormant in each one of us. And how by tapping and going within helps us to retrieve the immense enriching wisdom from the cosmic internet which is within and around us.

It is like asking a fish –

Where is the water?

And it says

No where.

And then when it becomes AWARE of the vast ocean around it, it knows that water was always everywhere. The same applies to us as humans, we are all moving around in this field of matrix- the energy around us and when we become AWARE- pearls of wisdom flow like raindrops falling on the soil- not just giving a pleasant smell which feels great but also cools down the soil.

I saw a flood of messages coming from each and every participant as if they had witnessed the RAW truth within themselves.

It was really amazing…

And the best thing to see was how each one dropped the “emotional armour” which we always carry around with us…. and were their raw authentic selves brutally honest to themselves and embraced their emotions like how we nurture new borns.

Yet another thing, that still keeps me in a state of trance is how marvellous it is to witness the tears of joy, tears of realisation, tears of awareness well up into the eyes and how they help us to feel so light as if the flood water got a flow…

I love doing what I am doing….

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