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Matrix Reimprinting

After completing my EFT training, I was keen to know about the Matrix Reimprinting program and how it helps. I was told that EFT is the base and that the matrix is a level above the EFT. EFT helps in … Continue reading

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Vestibular System

So where is this vestibular system? And what does it do? Why is it so important in the sensory Integration approach? Vestibular system is present in the inner ear and plays a very important role in detecting movement of head … Continue reading

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My journey with Primitive Reflexes..

My journey with Primitive reflexes Ever since I was an Occupational therapy student, I remember loving to study and understand about primitive reflexes. However, in my college days, we used the primitive reflexes to learn and work more with kids … Continue reading

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Awareness amongst corporates…

We visited a corporate firm, Omron on the 21st of October, 2011. The company is a health care solutions organization. We wanted to create awareness about special children in such multinational organizations and create a mark in it. We talked … Continue reading

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Rate your child’s eye contact

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best eye contact in the world. Where did they fall? No matter what you think, if your child has autism, their eye contact can and should improve. If you think … Continue reading

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