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Primitive reflexes and RMT -What exactly is it ?

We all learnt about reflexes when we were in school- they were called as reflex actions. Some examples of reflexes are blinking of our eyes when something comes close to our eyes, sneezing, coughing, Shivering yawning These reflexes are automatic … Continue reading

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Lets understand Sensory Integration!

It is a term coined by the Occupational therapist Jean Ayres Before we go into the theory of Sensory integration, lets read a story on how sensory integration helps in forming beautiful and wonderful memories of childhood!!! Ruhie is a … Continue reading

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Supporting kids with SPD during Diwali

Yay!!!! The festival of lights has come…. So what is special about Diwali Vacations Lots of friends and relatives who come to us or we go to meet them New clothes Crackers and the noise of crackers Lots of homemade … Continue reading

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Vestibular System

So where is this vestibular system? And what does it do? Why is it so important in the sensory Integration approach? Vestibular system is present in the inner ear and plays a very important role in detecting movement of head … Continue reading

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