General -

[+] Will Khushi be able to help my child?

At Khushi, we will design a therapy programme uniquely suited to your child's needs. Your child will be assessed over regular periods to ensure progress is being made.

[+] Is my child safe at Khushi?

CCTV cameras are placed all around the center to ensure quality of service. These are reviewed every 2-3 days by the management. Should you wish, you can ask to be an observer during any of the therapy sessions and we encourage parents to wait during therapy sessions so that it can be done at home.

[+] Can Khushi help me handle my child better?

Khushi has a mother-child program, where parents are trained on how to do the activities at home and what to follow at home.

[+] In case I can't afford the fees, is the sponsorship available?

Yes, we provide part sponsorship.

[+] What is the age group of children who can enroll at Khushi?

2 months to 16 years.

[+] Do you offer therapy for disabilities other than autism?

Khushi offers therapy for kids with special needs and any developmental disability. It offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Behaviour Therapy, Special Education, Art Based Therapy and Vocational Training.

[+] Does the Centre for Autism offer transportation?

Yes we provide transportation services.

[+] Is the Centre for Autism a school?

Khushi is an Intensive Therapy Services Centre. It is not a school.