Introduction to EFT

In the Solomon Islands, when the people want to clear the forest for planting or development, they just gather around the big tree, stand around it holding hands and throw verbal abuses at it - they curse it!!!!

Slowly and surely the tree begins to wither and it dies on its own.

This is a story that I heard from the movie 'Like Stars in the Sky' and it set me thinking how much of my stress I remove on my child. I am really wondering the impact of my stress on my child which I sometimes vomit on him. It surely makes me feel guilty.

While I shared this with my friends, I realized we all do this. We don't know the impact it has on the little ones and our near and dear ones. So I decided to start the "tapping away to peace and happiness" seminar.

Give me your 60 minutes and you can learn the 13 tapping points to step into a world of peace and happiness.

This seminar is offered for free enabling you to taste the flavor of peace and happiness by tapping..

Picture yourself in this state of peace and connecting with your child. I am sure you know how beautiful and satisfying the connection will be. Need to know more, read this

If your heart is called out to learn more about this, just register on ........

Seminar will be conducted by Dr. Reena Singh - an Occupational therapist and a certified EFT practitioner.