Introduction to Group EFT

As you begin to read the words that I am typing, you will be become increasingly aware of how important it is to release the negative emotions.

I am sure you know how important it is to have a whistle to the pressure cooker to release the steam that builds up while cooking!

When you experience stress or some kind of negative emotion, it starts building up in your body. Release of these emotions is essential as it has the potential to damage you internally. It is like storing bombs in your body which when triggered by someone or some situation can explode.

A study in the US by experts at Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester shows that the risk of premature death from all causes increases by about 35 per cent among those who fail to say how they feel.

In the group tapping, we will use EFT. EFT is a treatment technique which uses chinese meridian principles and combines it with modern psychology.

In the group EFT tapping, the focus will be on releasing pent up emotions and using "borrowing benefits". This is a technique where you tap for others and heal your own problems.

How is that possible?
Even I was skeptic when I heard this for the first time and now convinced that it heals and helps. You can attend once and convince yourself.

You can register for the group tapping circle if you need professional help to work on your emotions and manage stress while dealing with your loved ones. Register yourself for 23rd July, 2016

The group will be conducted by Dr. Reena Singh- an Occupational therapist and a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.