Board of Management -

Dr Reena Singh, the founder of Khushi, is a trained Occupational Therapist from Nair Hospital with over sixteen years of experience in working with children with developmental disabilities mainly Autism.

She has undergone intensive training in Sensory Integration. She is certified in Therapeutic Listening, Astronaut training (Vestibular -Visual -Auditory Triad), and PECS.(Picture exchange communication system). She is also a Licensed Rhythmic Movement Training International Consultant, a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Advanced EFT Practitioner.

She constantly updates herself by attending Indian and international conferences and workshops which helps Khushi to be at par with international standards of practice.

Mandar Varadkar is software professional and handles all technical issues at Khushi.

Mr. Ajit .V .Nair (CA) has more than 24 years industry experience, predominantly in the space of pharma. Ajit is associated with Khushi since 2009, initially in consultative role. Its his love for children and with a purpose to commit himself towards a noble cause brings him to Khushi.

Board of Advisors -

Mr. Bharat Raj, is a Sr. Consultant and Practice Head working for a Swedish management consultancy firm in India. He has twenty-two years of experience in sales, marketing , training, counselling and consulting in both Indian and multinational corporates. A biochemist, a post graduate in management and a trained counsellor, Raj is actively involved in working with families of Autistic children in India. Himself a proud father of an autistic, he is involved with two NGOs and two parent support groups in India

Archana Dabhoiwala, a mother of two boys, one of them on the autism spectrum was passionate about pottery until 2008, when her son was diagnosed with autism. She strongly believes that whatever happens in one's life, has a higher order reason behind it and the day we recognise that, and start learning from it, is the day all the pieces will fall into place. She believes her son has come into this world to teach her a lesson or two in patience and positive thinking. He is her biggest, most important teacher!

Vineeta Agarwal (C.A.) handles operations at Khushi. Her greatest asset as part of the Khushi family is that she is the mother of a child with Autism.