Synposis of the talk

1.Parents and professionals will gain more clarity on what skills an individuals with Autism and Related disabilities requires to Navigate through their entire LIFE

2.Learn about the importance of adopting an Eclectic approach for each individual to Discover the Abilities and interest of each individual and convert them into productive skills.

3.Understand the importance of creating adaptations and support systems that maximise self direction and regulation in all areas ranging from Literacy and Communication , Life skills , Leisure and Livelihood .

About the speaker:-

Akila is a Parent to Nishant Sriram an Adult with Autism. She is the founder – Director of The Amaze Charitable Trust and the Founding member – Autism Society of India.

Akila is passionate about enabling people to experience their full potential irrespective of their ability or background. 20 years ago when her son was diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia, she quit her successful career in Software and trained herself as an educator and psychologist to help her son and those like him.

Akila is a Master trainer, Facilitator and an Invited Speaker at numerous conferences and symposiums, Workshops and Training programs in the area of Disability Education and Management across the country.

In 2006, Akila was instrumental in founding the Autism Society of India an NGO with a PAN India focus, based out of Bangalore which works on advocacy and awareness for the rights and services for those affected by Autism.

In 2012 she set up The Amaze Charitable Trust, an NGO based out of Coimbatore, focused on helping families navigate the Autism maze through skill training programs and capacity building.

Akila is a thought leader in the area of Disability and Inclusion and has created/organized unique concepts and programs like Adventure camps for PWD, Art for Autism Festivals and the Indian Congresses for PWD. She has partnered with many mainstream organizations to create innovative initiatives like Sensory Motor Integration in the Learning Environment [SMILE] in Preschools, Inclusive Living and Care for PWD with Senior care, Sensory friendly Cinema and Autism friendly shopping experiences to the PWD.

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