Synposis of the talk

Deepa brings her experience of answering parent queries to talk about a variety of “Do’s and Don’ts : Making Speech and language therapy work for you.” She will talk about what it takes to get communication going in young children. How to move from single words to phrases and sentences.Do look at total communication- gestures, visuals.Common pitfalls to avoid. What to do to help children get included in mainstream schools, in social gatherings.

About the speaker:-

Ms.Deepa Bhat Nair is a Speech and Language therapist with 25 years of experience particularly with young children with Autism. She established DBN Com DEALL (Mumbai) in 2003.This is an interdisciplinary center where a team (consisting of Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, Developmental Educator) work towards integrating children with Autism into the mainstream. The Center is located at Charni Road, Mumbai and has offered services to 100s of children on the spectrum. Additionally Deepa worked as the Affiliations Coordinator for The Com DEALL Trust for 6 years.Here she helped set up units of Com DEALL across the country .She has been instrumental in training professional teams and interacting with parents across the country.Deepa has conducted a variety of training programs and presented at conferences. She has written several parent training booklets ( parallel talk, teaching gestures to children on the spectrum, helping children with autism complete activities independent of constant adult supervision, school transition manual), which are available at Read more about DBN Com DEALL (Mumbai) at www.communicationdeallmumbai.

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