Synposis of the talk

Do you find being a parent to be stressful? What about being a parent of a special needs child? Do you find there are times when you do not understand them or you cannot tell the difference between a tantrum and genuine meltdown. Is your child picking up on your emotions and creating even more stress and tension. The first step is to put the oxygen mask on yourself. To empty out stressful emotions. The second step is to discover the root cause of the emotional stress and heal it from the root. The final step to be kind to yourself and embrace yourself as the perfect parent that you already are. So during our time together I will share these 3 steps with you using a tool known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT aka Tapping Therapy): Empty out, discover and heal the root cause and self acceptance.

About the speaker:-

British based, Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), has self-healed from 3 chronic illnesses, including Cancer, debilitating pain and an accident that left her bed-ridden using the power of the mind and emotional wellness therapy. As founder of Vitality Living College she has personally trained over 20000 people from over 44 different countries and certifies coaches & emotional well-being practitioners to support their clients in their transformation journey.

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