Synposis of the talk

The participants will learn how
1. Inflammatory responses play a vital role in Autism Spectrum Disorders
2. Dysregulated Neuro-Immune system can lead to inflammatory responses
3. Energy tips to balance immune response can be used in ASD
4. Energy tips for inflammatory responses can be used in ASD

About the speaker:-

Dr Rashida is a highly skilled medical professional with over 30 years practical experience in hospital, home-health, and primary-care environments. Her interests in metaphysics lead her to alternative/complementary medicine and energy healing.

She works towards harmonizing the non-physical energy associated with various systems of the body, encompassing the physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual dimensions of the individual. She provides her services on line to help clients achieve optimal wellness and improved quality of life.
Dr.Rashida is a speaker and trainer and has global licence to teach Touch for Health ®, Brain Gym®, Epigenetic Healing Cycles. Rashida developed Joint protocols integrating TFH, Osteopathy, Myofascial release techniques. She developed and teaches Integrated Energy Tips, Emotional programming and Spiritual Cycles Balance program

Dr. Rashida is a Touch for Health International Faculty for India; Touch for Health consultant, Touch for health Instructor Trainer for Canada and a BrainGym consultant/Instructor.

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