Emotional wellbeing

This class is for 10 sessions. Duration of each session is 90 minutes. This is online class and will be conducted by Reena Singh.

This course is about understanding our triggers and our subconscious programs. Once we are aware of the triggers, it becomes easy to defuse them with awareness and self compassion.

We don’t have to see our kid’s behaviors as just sensory problems, there is a lot more to it. It is important to understand how we work on ourselves as parents. Most often, it is not the child’s behavior that triggers us or makes us feel uncomfortable, it is our inability to tolerate their negative responses. It is our job to fix that fault within us.

And most importantly, kids first learn to co-regulate and then self-regulate. They are constantly co-regulating by observing us respond and cope to the daily stressors. So, if we want the child to learn self-regulation, we have to model that behavior to them.

Participants will be paired up with a partner and the partner will be changed after every 2 weeks. This is a practical part of the program and requires the participant to talk to one another participant twice a week for 15 minutes after the class. Assignments on what needs to be spoken will be given to the participant.

The participants will learn more on

1. Empathetic Listening.
2. Listening and responding with insight
3. Memory pegs for mindfulness every day and noting thoughts
4. Become aware of SUD and identifying triggers and understand EFT
5. Tell the story of the trigger
6. Understand abreactions
7. Emergency actions with abreactions
8. Consolidate the “tell the story” exercise
9. Understand finger holds
10. Understanding ABCDE
11. Understanding and tapping beliefs
12. Uncovering and resolving beliefs
13. Understanding sub-modalities
14. Understanding body sensations
15. Understanding choices method
16. More tapping and finger holds
17. Understanding surrogate work for kids
18. Understanding muscle testing
19. Developing self-compassion

There will be practical sessions done during the sessions too.

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