Laying The Foundations For Learning

Laying the foundation course is bundle course of other sub courses

  • Introduction to Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Tactile systems
  • Tactile System and activities
  • Vestibular system and activities
  • Proprioception and activities
  • Art Of Therapy and activities
  • Home Program And EFT

Managing Behaviors

Following things will be taught in the class

  1. Understanding the fight-flight and freeze responses
  2. Understand tuning out.
  3. Understand how co-regulation is important to develop self regulation.
  4. Understand ABC of behaviors.
  5. Understand how to identify the physiological responses of feeling safe and unsafe.
  6. Strategies to work with Fight flight and freeze.
  7. Identifying sensory differences from a different space of understanding with respect to fight flight and freeze state.
  8. Defiant stage and expression of negative emotions.
  9. Using visual cues.
  10. Understand more on expression of emotions.
  11. How to identify meltdowns and tantrums and help the child to feel safe.
  12. More strategies to self regulate and balance.
  13. Reflect on implicit memory.
  14. Understanding prompts.
  15. Diet, sleep and bowel regulation.
  16. Vestibular and proprioceptive inputs.

Boost Oral Motor fine motor skills

This training’s aim is to help a participant to get equipped to help and deal with challenges related to oral motor and fine motor issues such as

  1. Not accepting new foods or child is a picky eater.
  2. Not able to suck or blow.
  3. Not able to copy actions with the mouth to articulate sounds.
  4. Poor articulation or unclear speech.
  5. Child mouthing almost everything including non-edible food items.
  6. Child doing thumb sucking or finger sucking.
  7. Child not using speech for communication or not able to copy the sounds when asked.
  8. Child not using speech for communication.
  9. Poor fine motor skills.

Promoting Healthy And Restorative Sleep

Toilet and potty training in neurodiverse children

You will you learn

  1. Tips to be successful while toilet and potty training your child
  2. Techniques and exercises to make potty and toilet training easier
  3. EFT tapping script to work with potty and toilet training.

Vestibular And Proprioceptive Activities

Vestibular system describes more on this system and demonstrations on how to work with this system. It also explains the do’s and the don’ts’s of working with this system. It also has general activities that can be done at home by the parent.

Proprioception describes more about this system and the activities to provide inputs to this system.

Tactile System And Activities

Tactile System talks more about tactile system and has demonstrations on how to work with this system. It also has general activities that can be done at home by the parent.

Art Of Therapy

In Art of therapy, Reena talks about how to use the vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile systems in the context of supporting play for the child so that the child is intrinsically motivated to participate.

Home program and EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)

In Home program and EFT, Reena talks more on how to become more aware on the emotional health and wellbeing of the parent and the child. This gives an introduction on how to use EFT on yourself. It also has one demonstration video where Reena Singh is conducting EFT for an adult who has self-concept issues because she did not feel supported as a child. This is to make parents and professionals realize the importance of supporting kids emotionally during the process of

Introduction to Vestibular, Proprioceptive And Tactile systems

Introduction to Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Tactile systems gives a brief introduction to the systems.

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