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We offer trainings on various topics for neurodiverse kids and individuals.


Managing behaviours

Sometimes the behaviour of kids becomes really difficult to manage and at such times all that is needed is clarity on how to help ourselves to stay calm. Secondly, how to help the child learn to regulate his behaviour. This is exactly what the course helps you with!!


Emotional wellbeing

We don’t have to see our kids behaviours as just sensory problem, there is a lot more to it. It is important to understand how we work on ourselves as parents. Most often, it is not the child’s behavior that triggers us or makes us feel uncomfortable, it is our inability to tolerate their negative responses. It is our job to fix that fault within us.


Group Mentoring

This is a group mentoring session of parents and professionals with Reena Singh.  Parents can ask questions and concerns and queries related to their child’s  development, therapies, home [...]

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