Getting a diagnosis of Autism for your child is overwhelming and comes like a big emotional shock. Then starts google searching and how to help which adds more to the overwhelm and emotional fatigue as every child even with the same diagnosis is different. It silently robs away the time that can be used to work and help your child.

I want to help you to help your child by giving you basic concepts. I do this with a rich and diverse experience of 22 years of being an Occupational therapist. Going through the topics that I share will empower you with information and you will certainly have the clarity to understand and help your child better.

In the 5 hours of this content, I have spoken about

  1. Understanding the deficits and challenges of Autism
  2. Basic things that need to be taken care of before starting or while doing therapy for your child
  3. How many hours of therapy is required to be done
  4. Encouraging communication in children and how to stimulate your child to do so during their waking hours
  5. How to keep yourself calm and centred while working with your child
  6. How regulation of sleep, diet and bowel cycle helps your child
  7. Using visual supports for your child
  8. Why are routines so important for your child
  9. Seeing the meltdowns, tantrums and non-compliance from a holistic lens
  10. Understanding sensory diet and sensory processing interventions – brainstorming ideas for sensory diet
  11. Preparing child using social stories and what things to take care of while making them
  12. What is the hybrid model of providing therapies to your child
  13. What are primitive reflex and why is their integration important
  14. Some simple strategies to work on integrating reflexes that help with emotional regulation
  15. What are self help skills and how to get started in each of those areas – understanding private and publicbehaviour
  16. How to use chaining while teaching self help skills to your child
  17. What are the different levels of prompts to remember while communicating and assisting your child
  18. How to get started with academics and what is functional academics
  19. Learning tools to regulate and calm your own self to that you model the right state for your child

Join me to take this plunge to empower yourself and transform your child!!!