There are so many reasons for delays in getting trained for toilet and potty control. Some of you are just working on it behaviourally and others are just working on primitive reflexes or interoceptive awareness. In this course, I have combined my 22 years of experience and blended various approaches to help your child in toilet and potty training.

In the course, there are practical suggestions on how to help kids and covers the following-

  1. Some guidelines on the interoceptive system and how important it is.
  2. Collecting baseline data.
  3. Talks about how state of parent affects potty and toilet training
  4. Developmental readiness for toilet and potty training
  5. Techniques on how to integrate the spinal galant and spinal perez reflex.
  6. Neuro Tactile greeting the back to get the child ready.
  7. There are general guidelines to follow while toilet or potty training children
  8. Neurolymphatic points for potty training and for constipation and working with meridians.
  9. There is an EFT tapping script for the parent who is struggling to get their child potty trained which addresses their emotional challenges.