Synposis of the talk

Sanjukta talks about teachable moments across various settings in the natural environment. Using evidence-based strategies like Applied Behavior Analysis, how can we create teachable moments and ensure the child is available to learn? Sanjukta will utilize her diverse experiences in the clinical therapeutic setting, instructing students in the educational setting and creating successes at job sites in the community and share simple, effective strategies to build skills and reduce challenging behaviors. She will answer parent questions at the end of her presentation.

About the speaker:-

Sanjukta Banerjee-Mukherji is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a special education teacher based in Houston, USA. She has 18 years of professional and life experiences working with individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities across a variety of settings. As a Behavior Analyst she consults with clinics, serving children 2 years old to adults in a clinical setting. She conducts skills and behavior assessments and provides on-going ABA supervision and trainings for therapists, parents, teachers and employers. As a special education teacher, she has served adolescents and young adults with severe behaviors in the academic setting. Her focus has been to impart functional academics and behavior modification in the classroom, creating opportunities for inclusion and established within campus vocational training programs for a holistic learning approach. Her passion is to create sustainable long-term support and services to adults with disabilities and advocate for neurodiversity and inclusion at the workplace. She partners with various non-profit organizations and serves at various Committees at the state legislative level towards this end. She is also committed to spreading awareness and disseminating evidence-based practices across the globe through webinars and talks at events. She is the founder-owner of ABAlity LLC (, which epitomizes this mission.

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