Supporting Sleep in Children

This class is for 12 sessions. Duration of each session is 90 minutes. This is online class and will be conducted by Reena Singh.
The following things will be taught in the class
1. Understanding the role of unintegrated primitive reflexes in sleep.
2. Vestibular supports for sleep
3. Understanding the role of diet in poor sleep and hyperactivity.
4. Understanding amygdala
5. Understand how to identify the physiological responses of feeling safe and unsafe
6. Learning how to use Chapman reflexes and Bennett’s reflexes to promote sleep
7. Learning how regulated bowels are important for sleep and activity levels.
8. Learn neurolymphatic and meridian healing cycle to promote sleep
9. Understand the role of breathing and how that contributes to sleep.
10. There will be practical sessions on how to use the techniques on kids and on ourselves.

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