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As parents , you get opportunities to learn in groups. Specific techniques are taught by Reena Singh and the implementation is also suggested. Everyone gets equipped with knowledge of how to work with challenging behaviors or road blocks in development. Learning is enriched when members share their experiences.

Discuss your doubts and concerns

Become empowered with knowledge and information to help your child.

Learn in a Group

Learn from experiences of other parents in the group.

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We exist to help autistic kids become independent in social and communication skills + mentor families to navigate this journey with calmness and clarity.

Holistic Therapy

We follow holistic approach while working with kids diagnosed with Autism

Children diagnosed with Autism require therapy to improve. However, we believe that only therapy doesn’t give results. We combine various therapies, work with the families, and achieve greater results by making it holistic. Our goal is to equip you to work with your child at home.


We follow unique approach of therapy.

We believe that therapy alone does not give improvement. Your emotional well being  is also important. So empowering you with knowledge and information is very important. A hybrid model  where child attends therapy at a therapy center and parents follow the home program works wonders. You (Parents) are an important  part of the team.


Every child is unique. Thus the technique also differs.

Our therapist are trained in various techniques and can work with any child.

Gather more knowledge from the book

Dr Reena Singh has written two books. ‘Little Parenting Guru’ is about understanding the importance of providing a holistic and happy environment of a child so that a child evolves as confident and responsible human being. ‘looking beyond labels.. Becoming a Mindful Parent!’ shares 20 years of extensive and diverse experience as a Occupational therapist working with neurodiverse children especially kids diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and sensory processing challenges.

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