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Masterclass on Visual supports- English

Many parents come to meet me and mention that Transitions are difficult for their kidsTantrums are frequent – almost everyday and in some kids many times in a day.Behaviour regulation is difficult. I have used a lot of strategies in the last 22 years to work on these challenges. I learnt about social stories, visual schedules, communication boards and attended a lot of structured teaching courses. I along with countless parents made and used the visual supports and saw the changes in kids. This is what I want to share with you – In the last 22 years, I have gathered [...]

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Inner Circle English

Every week I get so many DM’s asking me to suggest some exercise or evaluate your child on the basis of concerns mentioned in the chat – and whilst I’d love to make a program for everyone of you, it’s not really possible!  So, I’m doing something else instead: I’ll be hosting a private 60 minute LIVE interactive session Once a monthFrom 9:30 am to 10:30 am IST.2nd Friday for English4th Friday for Hindi We’ll deep dive into everything that is required to help your child and discuss commonly asked topics in depth. I plan to take up topics related to therapy and emotional [...]

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Autism Intervention Program with Reena Singh (Hybrid)

Are you overwhelmed by so many therapies that are available for Autism? Too confused by what to do with your child at home or send your child to a therapy centre? How often and how many hours a week is enough ? Wouldn't it be great if some mentor appears who can lay down the path for you on what to do first and then what next at home with your child ? You don't want to waste the precious developmental years of your child's life experimenting with various therapies !!! I want to give you a step by step approach [...]

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Emotional regulation program for kids with sensory issues and Autism (Hybrid)

Are you are parent who is struggling with meltdowns and tantrums of your child who is diagnosed with Autism? Wouldn't it be great if it is easy for your child to regulate and transition easily across environments? In this course, you will learn more than 30 proven techniques that help your child. Once you enroll in the course, you get to unlock videos of techniques. You also get to meet me live every week for ten weeks. We review the common doubts and questions and also check if the techniques are understood well and most importantly followed well at home. Integration [...]

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Group Mentoring

Learnt all the techniques and strategies and now don’t know which technique to use for your child? Want to curate a home program specific to your child after evaluating him? Want me to understand if you are correctly following the exercises and how you can improvise to accelerate developmental gains? Join me for the group mentoring program.... Here is what you get when you join:- We meet (max 4 parents) once a week for an hour for 12 weeks!!!You get access to evaluation videos (17 videos) and sample intervention sessions where parents work at home and pointers are suggested (duration of [...]

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