Latest Past Events

Emotional Wellbeing 8th Jan, 2021


This class is for 10 sessions. Duration of each session is 90 minutes. This course is about understanding our triggers and our subconscious programs. Once we are aware of the triggers, it becomes easy to defuse them with awareness and self compassion. We don’t have to see our kids behaviours as just sensory problem, there is a lot more to it. It is important to understand how we work on ourselves as parents. Most often, it is not the child’s behavior that triggers us or makes us feel uncomfortable, it is our inability to tolerate their negative responses. It is our [...]


Boost Oral Motor and Fine Motor skills


This class is for 9 sessions. Duration of each session is 90 minutes. This training’s aim is to help a participant to get equipped to help and deal with challenges related to oral motor and fine motor issues such as 1. Not accepting new foods or child is a picky eater 2. Not able to suck or blow 3. Not able to copy actions with the mouth to articulate sounds 4. Poor articulation or unclear speech 5. Child mouthing almost everything including non-edible food items 6. Child doing thumb sucking or finger sucking 7. Child not using speech for communication or [...]


Managing Behaviour 6th Jan, 2021


This class is for 5 sessions. The duration of each session is 90 minutes.   The following things will be taught in the class 1. Understanding the fight-flight and freeze responses 2. Understand tuning out 3. Understanding amygdala 4. Understand how to identify the physiological responses of feeling safe and unsafe 5. Homework assignment for the parent which will be followed in class two on ABC 6. Strategies to work with Fight flight and freeze 7. Identifying sensory differences from a different space of understanding with respect to fight flight and freeze state 8. Understanding the right orbitofrontal cortex 9. Defiant [...]