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Understanding Interoception our Eight Sensory system

Many parents come to me with the following concerns My child does not understand how much to eat and feels hungry even if he just had foodMy child does not sense hunger even if I leave him without food for hoursMy child does not understand that he is thirsty - he never asks for waterMy child rushes to the toilet at the last minuteMy child is taking longer to get toilet and potty trainedMy child does not understand that he is sleepy or tired If you feel these are your concerns too, then we can meet together on zoom to learn [...]


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Anxiety for my child’s development

EFT Tapping for Anxiety for my child's development Location – Zoom Medium of Instruction - Hindi Fee : INR 400 for parents based in India (Use coupon code INDIA)            INR 800 for parents based out of India.