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Emotional Wellness Series

Therapies, following a home program, working on academics and self stimulatory behaviours. So many things to fill up our minds with..... Actually it is like an unconscious pattern of thoughts that keeps running in our heads. In this state, we tend to REACT rather than RESPOND. Life feels like an endless race and we are barely able to keep up.We live in a world of constant stimulation!!!We tend to REACT to our environment, rather than consciously design what we want to see in our life and in our parenting journey... It can feel like an endless race, where you’re barely able to [...]


Autism Intervention with Reena Singh

Meet once a week in a group for 90 minutes for 12 weeks.Learn the principles on how to follow home program.Understand the principles on how to get developmental gains.Program will be held in Hindi and English.Participants get the SSP program for ₹ 5000/- which is normally offered at ₹ 6000/-.Participants get 20% off on all teachable courses till they are enrolled in the program.Get the book “looking beyond labels… Becoming a Mindful Parent” for free (this is only for parents based in India).Participants get access to 34 hours of youtube live sessions (worth ₹ 7000/-) recording after registration.Also learn what to [...]

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Primitive Reflex Integration for emotional regulation

I have been learning primitive reflex integration since 2009 and learnt it from various teachers. Some of them include Dr. Masgutova, Moira Dempsey, Sheila Frick and Sally Goddard Blythe. Integration of these techniques have helped me to help many families and impacted them positively and the changes have lasted. I am not saying that I have all the answers and that this is the only thing that helps but adding this to your therapy menu ideas will help in a big way. Join me to learn as I share techniques with you... Date:- Starts Aug 9, 2022. (every Tuesday 4pm IST [...]

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