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Balance hyperactivity and sleep in kids

Join this session if you are keen to learn techniques and gain more information  on how to balance hyperactivity and sleep in kids.  This is a recurring event and will happen every Friday on the same topic.  New techniques will be added every week on the basis of the concerns and questions discussed by participants. Mode of instruction is English. Time : 4pm to 5:30 pm IST  Fee : INR 1500 for parents based in India            INR 3000 for parents based out of India.

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EFT tapping on Anxiety (In Hindi)


This session will uncover issues that cause anxiety and work on helping our own selves to manage anxiety and make peace with it. The session will be covered in Hindi. Fee : INR 500 for parents based in India. (Use coupon code 'INDIA')            INR 1000 for parents based out of India.

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