There are a lot of things to manage when a child receives a diagnosis. Staying calm and centred requires a lot of effort. Frustration and stress comes out more easily.

The videos in this series cover topics which help to understand how to maintain emotional wellness even when we are in the midst of an emotional crisis. And when we come from a calm state, it helps the child to improve faster too. Check out the topics that are covered in the series and it’s really a good idea to take up one topic each day and calm the storm within you so that you feel fulfilled as a parent!!!

  1. EFT tapping for my child who is not settled /not complying in regular school
  2. Surrogate tapping for my child’s behaviours
  3. So many changes in my child’s life- how will my child cope
  4. Tapping on self stimulating behaviours of my child
  5. EFT tapping for manifesting positive developmental outcomes for my child
  6. EFT tapping for repetitive behaviours
  7. EFT tapping for me time | Learning to appreciate and love yourself as a parent
  8. EFT tapping for feeling Overwhelmed
  9. Tapping to Calm Anxiety
  10. Tapping to Calm Anxiety for Future for my special needs child
  11. Tapping to Stop Projecting Anger on your child
  12. People judging my child and my parenting
  13. Feeling very low and dull to work with my child
  14. Making peace with the guilt and the critical voice within
  15. EFT tapping – Uncertainty and fear for my neurodiverse child’s development
  16. Child’s non-compliant behaviour makes me impatient
  17. Self care and Mindful Eating as a Parent
  18. Boosting Immunity
  19. I am not doing good enough as a parent
  20. EFT tapping for making peace with the hurtful words that people say for my child
  21. EFT tapping for fear -what if my child does not improve
  22. EFT tapping for so many therapies-confused on which ones to start for my child
  23. EFT tapping for accepting and making peace with diagnosis for your child
  24. Feeling Overwhelmed as a Parent
  25. Setting Healthy Boundaries
  26. EFT tapping for “me-time” and self care as a parent
  27. EFT tapping for comparing child’s development with other kids
  28. Building discipline to follow home program
  29. Tapping on Gratitude
  30. Integrating the Emotional Wellness
  31. EFT tapping for Overwhelm in parent because of self stimulatory behaviours in child
  32. EFT tapping for fear of uncertainty for child’s future
  33. EFT tapping that every other child is improving but not my child