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Emotional Welness Series 2022


Are you a parent who is emotionally overwhelmed?

After your child’s diagnosis, too many things to manage and its getting difficult to deal with the inner critical voice….

Fighting with the inner demons and thats taking away all your time which should ideally go in pouring love on your child and yourself???

Do you want a friend who can sit with you and help you to sort out things and bring in balance and calmness within you!!!

Emotional freedom techniques are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and using this simple technique at home can help you to move from fight and flight state to calmness.

I am an EFT expert and share tapping scripts curated for topics that add stress. It has content of more than 15 hours.

All that you need to do is to tap along and repeat after me to wash away the stress chemicals from your body…this has recordings of classes that were conducted in 2022.

Here is the list of topics that are covered-

  1. Belief busting – Autism is a struggle
  2. Goal setting workshop
  3. EFT tapping for big goals
  4. Planting seeds of intention
  5. Tapping on big goals and releasing old story
  6. Tapping on big goals – inviting parts to feel whole
  7. 7 layers deep into your why
  8. Taking uncomfortable action and working towards your own excues
  9. Dealing with the habit of procrastination
  10. Guided gratitude meditation
  11. EFT tapping – shifting into gratitude even if child has a medical label
  12. Gratitude and success tapping
  13. EFT tapping for overwhelm because of self stimulatory behaviours
  14. EFT tapping for repetitive behaviours of the child
  15. EFT tapping for child controlling everything
  16. EFT tapping – every child is improving but mine is not
  17. EFT tapping – fear of uncertainty for child’s future
  18. EFT tapping – anxiety in parents because of school
  19. EFT tapping – stressed because of child’s schooling
  20. EFT tapping – parent not able to follow home program
  21. EFT tapping – child not talking and communicating
  22. EFT tapping to disagree respectfully



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